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A Fully Automated MOSH/MOAH Workflow to Help You Get Reliable Results More Easily

If the analysis of MOSH/MOAH (Mineral Oil Saturated Hydrocarbons and Mineral Oil Aromatic Hydrocarbons) is a challenge in your lab, you know how complicated the sample preparation can be.

Algorithms Combine With Chromatography to Help Select the Right LC Column for Your Needs

Have you ever been in a situation where you haven’t known how to start a new method? Staring into your column cabinet and wondering what would do the trick when it comes to separating even more peaks from your existing ones, or how to guess what stationary phase will separate your two new compounds?


Well, the future may not be so bleak after all. No one can dispute the myriad algorithmic tools that make life easier, so why wouldn’t you select your LC column based on the same sort of algorithms? With the aim of serving customers better, Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched a NEW LC column selector guide —­ one that will take you from uncertainty to ready-to-go in just a few clicks.

NanoDrop Microvolume Spectrophotometers and Fluorometer

ACM2 Ltd. offers the only spectrophotometer for micro volumes with the trademark “NanoDrop” on the Bulgarian market. The spectrophotometers series for microvolumes comtain several models, depending on the specifics of your application. Only 1 μl of sample is sufficient to perform the analysis of nucleic acids (DNA / RNA) and / or proteins.

The new GCMS systems Thermo Scientific ISQ 7610 and Thermo Scientific TSQ 9610

We are pleased to inform you about the new series single and triple quadrupole mass spectrometers for gas chromatography Thermo Scientific ISQ 7610 and Thermo Scientific TSQ 9610.

While preserving the benefits of the previous mass spectrometers series, the new ISQ 7610 and TSQ 9610 allow for even easier operation and drastic reduction of maintenance costs.

Separation and spectral methods for analysis

ACM2 Ltd. will organize the annual, traditional seminar on October 5-th, 2022 in Sofia.

Webinar series 2022 Food Safety

Do you want the recipe for success? Look what’s cooking this year…
Is your lab ready for current and upcoming analytical challenges?
This new webinar series is designed to highlight food safety issues that are important in the European, Middle East and Africa regions.

Modern microspectroscopy draws big information from tiny samples

Dear colleagues, Thermo Scientific is organizing an webinar in the field of FT-IR spectroscopy. The event will be held on February 1-st at 17.00 Bulgarian time. The speaker is Dr. Michael Bradley, Thermo Scientific FT-IR Spectrometers and Microscopy Product Manager. The presentation covers all types of applications of molecular spectroscopy. Participation is through registration and is completely free. For more information, please read here.

Thermo Scientific Nexsa G2 Surface Analysis System Demo

Thermo Scientific introduces the latest Nexsa G2 Surface Analysis System (XPS). The X-ray photoelectron spectrometer will be demonstrated in an upcoming webinar.

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