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Trade in your old Thermo Scientific equipment, to get a 20% discount on your new one!
GENESYS Series Spectrophotometers

Thermo Scientific UV-VIS spectrometers GENESYS series provide a solution for any laboratory. From training through routine analysis to quality control, you can find the model that fully covers your methodologies and procedures. Benchtop, compact and innovative it can be controlled locally by touchscreen or by computer system.

Outdated equipment cannot meet the new challenges

Trade in your old Thermo Scientific equipment, to get a 20 % discount on your new one!

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Raman spectrometers

Thermo Scientific DXR3 series is the main Raman spectroscopy group.

  • DXR3 Raman spectrometer;
  • DXR3 Raman microscope;
  • DXR3 imaging microscope.

Different kind of holders give the opportunity for hard and liquid samples analysis. The three models use the same lasers, filters and gratings.

Raman accessory added to the iS50 FT-IR is the other Raman option.

Vanquish Analytical Purification LC Systems

We are pleased to present the new Thermo Scientific liquid chromatographic purification systems Vanquish Analytical Purification LC Systems.

Separation and spectral methods for analysis

ACM2 Ltd. will organize the annual, traditional seminar on October 5-th, 2022 in Sofia.

Webinar series 2022 Food Safety

Do you want the recipe for success? Look what’s cooking this year…
Is your lab ready for current and upcoming analytical challenges?
This new webinar series is designed to highlight food safety issues that are important in the European, Middle East and Africa regions.

Modern microspectroscopy draws big information from tiny samples

Dear colleagues, Thermo Scientific is organizing an webinar in the field of FT-IR spectroscopy. The event will be held on February 1-st at 17.00 Bulgarian time. The speaker is Dr. Michael Bradley, Thermo Scientific FT-IR Spectrometers and Microscopy Product Manager. The presentation covers all types of applications of molecular spectroscopy. Participation is through registration and is completely free. For more information, please read here.

Thermo Scientific Nexsa G2 Surface Analysis System Demo

Thermo Scientific introduces the latest Nexsa G2 Surface Analysis System (XPS). The X-ray photoelectron spectrometer will be demonstrated in an upcoming webinar.

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