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Service and support

ACM2 EOOD service facilities in Bulgaria have been authorised by the manufacturers of the equipment provided. All their service engineers have the necessary professional qualification and experience. Each specialist has been trained in the maintenance of the relevant analytical equipment, with a certificate issued by the manufacturer. Services provided by ACM2 are EN ISO 9001:2015 certified.

The ACM2 service centre offers their clients specialised after-sales services for the installation, calibration, validation and verification of the equipment, as well as training for working with it, development of analytical methods, and warranty and post-warranty service support.

  • Installation and calibration of the provided equipment - the delivered product is installed at the client’s premises, following the manufacturer’s requirements; if necessary, the relevant software is installed.
  • Verification - communication between the modules of the system and between the system and the control software is tested; the operating parameters of the system are checked with working samples provided by the supplier.
  • System Validation (IQ/OQ/PV procedures) - upon explicit request by the client, the reliability of the results of the system operation is measured; measurements are made for critical system parameters; the number of measurements must be statistically significant; the validation is performed according to the standard operating procedures of the supplier and is covered by them.
  • Specialised training for clients, containing a theoretical part, an overview of the equipment modules, technical details of the system hardware, work with the software product, assistance to clients to start routine operation of the provided equipment and maintenance of the instruments.
  • Development of analytical methods for real samples upon request of the user.
  • Warranty service support - service during the warranty period is provided, according to manufacturer’s standard terms and conditions, and this period is fixed in the delivery contract of the equipment.
  • Post-warranty service support is provided upon the request of the client on the basis of a service contract or by call.
  • Periodic online training and practical seminars.

The warranty and post-warranty service are guaranteed by ACM2
ACM2 maintains a flexible service policy, based on various types of contracts, individual site visits or through online interactive sessions. Periodic online training and practical seminars are organised.

Read the General Terms and Conditions for Service Work and online Service Request.

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