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Raman spectrometers


Thermo Scientific DXR3 series is the main Raman spectroscopy group.

  • DXR3 Raman spectrometer;
  • DXR3 Raman microscope;
  • DXR3 imaging microscope.

Different kind of holders give the opportunity for hard and liquid samples analysis. The three models use the same lasers, filters and gratings.

Raman accessory added to the iS50 FT-IR is the other Raman option.

DXR3 series uses lasers of 455 nm; 532 nm; 633 nm и 785 nm.

There is a kit of laser, filter and grating, which are user exchangeable. Some of the lasers are high powered. The fast imaging and mapping gives the opportunity for different kind of application – pharma, forensic, archeology and science.


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