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Identification by FT-IR and Microscopy


Thermo Scientific Fourier transform infrared spectrometers and microscopes can provide answers to your questions for proving substances and properties in pharmaceutical production, catalytic processes, optical materials, polymer macro- and micro particles, organic synthesis, gas compositions, etc.

Thermo Scientific FT-IR:

Nicolet Summit

FT-IR for mid infrared. Compact and easy of use instrument. ATR can be added and used.

Nicolet iS20

FT-IR for mid or mid/nir infrared region. Microscope, ATR, TGA and other accessories can be added.

Nicolet iS50

FT-IR for all of the infrared regions can be configured. Automation full range scanning, integrated ATR, Raman accessory can be added.

Nicolet iN10

FT-IR and Microscope in one box for mid infrared region operating.

Nicolet iN5

Microscope for Nicolet iS20 & iS50 FT-IR integration.

Nicolet RaptIR

High level microscope for Nicolet iS50 FT-IR integration


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