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Algorithms Combine With Chromatography to Help Select the Right LC Column for Your Needs


Based on over 50 years of collective chromatographic experience

Chromatography is more complex than that, right? While that’s true, this guide is based upon the knowledge of experts who have spent the greater part of their lives in the lab, consulting, and working with chromatographic separations. You can now benefit from their knowledge by simply clicking a button. Whether you work with small molecules or bioapplications, this guide will help you find the column that meets your needs. The guide will be constantly updated to offer customers the latest technology. Our scientists will tirelessly aim to address new questions that come up and make solutions available in the guide. Become an expert in LC columns by leaning on the knowledge of over 50 years of collective chromatographic experience.

Easily select your chromatographic column

All Thermo Fisher Scientific LC columns are represented, whether you need an equivalent to your existing column or one to fit your US pharmacopeia method, or maybe one to help you start from scratch with a new method. No longer will you have to wonder whether you’re making a proper selection — the guide will provide you different options and advise how they may affect your separation, allowing you to make a more informed selection. Access the new guide here:


Finding the best column to suit your needs is key to the new LC Column Selection Guide.


Selecting your analyte size is only one of the many search parameters available.


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