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NanoDrop Microvolume Spectrophotometers and Fluorometer


NanoDrop Lite Plus NEW!  - basic model spectrophotometer, working with three fixed wavelength – 230 nm, 260 nm and 280 nm. The spectrophotometer analyze your sample in 5 sec by internal software;

NanoDrop One/OneC – working with drop or cuvette, innovative design and easy of use. The analysis are done in 8 sec with wavelength accuracy of ± 1 nm in spectral range of 190 nm - 850 nm. NanoDrop One works with sample „drop“ and NanoDrop OneC works with sample „drop“ and/or cuvette. The spectrophotometer can be controlled by touchscreen with integrated software or by PC with additional software;

NanoDrop Eight NEW!  - working with 8 samples simultaneously. The spectrophotometer has the same technical characteristic as NanoDrop One and is designed for busy labs. You ca analyze plaque samples which increase the lab capacity;

NanoDrop 3300 – micro volume fluorescence spectrophotometer. You can do micro volume fluorescence analysis in spectral range of 400 nm - 750 nm. You can analyze in 10 sec with limit of detection < 1 fmol fluorescein. The system is controlled by external software and PC.


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