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The new GCMS systems Thermo Scientific ISQ 7610 and Thermo Scientific TSQ 9610


Sensitive and reproducible results for the most challenging applications

The new generation of gas chromatography mass spectrometers offer exceptional sensitivity, robustness and reliability even when working with complex matrices, enabling you to get more information from the analyses while increasing the confidence in the results.

Improved performance and robustness

In addition to Thermo Scientific NeverVent technology, which allows subtraction and cleaning of the ion source, replacement of chromatographic columns and direct sampling without venting of the instrument, we can now also change the filament of the TSQ-9610 without turning off the mass spectrometer.

Innovative and reliable XLXR detector design

The new XLXR electron multiplier has more than seven times the life, allowing for an increase in time between service intervals and reducing the maintenance costs of the instrument.

The design of the XLXR detector provides a line dynamic range of 107 and an electronic dynamic range of 109, enabling high and low concentrations to work in one analysis.

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