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The TriPlus 500 HS Family Grows


For any testing laboratory conducting volatiles analysis, static headspace-gas chromatography, with its simplicity and broad applicability, is one of the most reliable and robust techniques. In a highly regulated environment and at any time highly accurate analytical results are required, the valve-and-loop sampling technique, offered by the TriPlus 500 HS, is a must-have.

Characterized by innovative technological features and top analytical performance in terms of sample integrity and injection repeatability, this headspace autosampler rapidly gained popularity within analytical testing and QA/QC laboratories in pharma, forensic, food packaging, and environmental fields.

The direct column connection design of the TriPlus 500 HS not only provides a compact and a bench-space-saving solution when connected to the TRACE 1300 Series GC, but also ensures a short sample path for maximum sample integrity during transfer, an extended recovery to less volatile compounds, and a significantly reduced carryover effect.

In some cases, however, the direct column connection configuration is not possible, or limits the possibility of injecting liquid samples into the same column without modifying the instrument set up.


The TriPlus 500 HS autosampler is now available  with a new version featuring an external transfer line which can be connected to the GC inlet, supporting those analytical setups where a direct column connection is not possible.

A relevant example is the analysis of dissolved gases in transformer oil according to the method ASTM D-3612C, which implies the connection of the headspace autosampler to a Transformer Oil Gas Analyzer (TOGA).

More on the TriPlus 500 HS connected to the TRACE 1310 TOGA Analyzer can be found in Application Note AN000117, which demonstrates excellent repeatability and linearity data.

The TriPlus 500 HS outfitted with the external transfer line unlocks a number of additional configurations not possible with the direct column connection, like the installation of the TriPlus 500 HS and the robotic TriPlus 100 LS or RSH autosamplers on the same GC, combining Valve-and-Loop headspace and liquid injection into the same column.

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