Biopharma Characterization and Control Webinar Series

The summer months bring great opportunities to learn about exciting emerging biotherapeutic modalities and how to analyze them.

Discover how to use native mass spectrometry to analyze mega-dalton molecules, such as IgG hexamers, endogenous viruses and AAV vectors.

Professor Albert Heck will describe the latest developments, including Orbitrap-based single particle charge detection mass spectrometry, and how that can be used to assess the quality and purity of this next generation of biopharmaceutical products.

Then as summer gets hotter, we carry on with talented scientists from Regeneron who will talk about how they leverage LC-MS for the characterization of gene therapy products. They developed LC-MS-based methods to successfully characterize a wide variety of AAV serotypes to achieve unambiguous serotype identification, PTM characterization, and stoichiometry assessment.

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